One of my clients is David J. David suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in January 2007 and was totally paralyzed on his left side. The doctors’ prognosis was that he would never walk again, and would not be able to use his left arm. He is now self-sufficient, he walks without a cane and swims three days per week. In the video below, he talks about his experiences with Posturology.

All movement is born out of our base posture. For most people their posture is less than ideal and their joints and movements suffer. Posturology instantly and dramatically improves posture by re-calibrating key sensory receptors in the body that dictate posture; namely the eyes and the feet. Posturology combines cutting edge technology and exercise to create a more symmetrical stance for the feet on the ground and enhanced eye muscle function for a more balanced head position. This instantly improves your body’s overall spatial awareness for healthier more functional posture, better balance and ease of movement.

“When I started working with Brant he very quickly made me aware of postural imbalances that I didn’t even know I had! I realized immediately that these postural asymmetries were the cause of many of my daily aches and pains. He gave me a lift in my shoe and we did some eye exercises and I was amazed to see how quickly the postural asymmetries evened out. The changes were literally instantaneous! Since then I’ve been wearing my heel lift and doing my eye exercises on a regular basis and the aches and pains that I used to wake up with are no longer there and I feel great. I also love Brant’s easy going and humorous manner. He not only makes this process painless but fun. I recommend him whole heartedly!” –Mari Miyoshi, OTR/L, Brain Gym teacher/consultant.

“Hey Brant, I feel fantastic, thanks to your expertise – and the eye exercises and insoles! I went for a run early Saturday morning (before the snow) and I felt like I was flying. I had to consciously slow myself down because my lungs are not yet accustomed to my feet/legs being so fleet. It was fantastic. Also, I just generally feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” –Theresa McElwee, Voice and Speech Coach