Get Your Body Working Right This Summer!

Get Your Body Working Right This Summer!

Who: Brant Amundson, Owner, Muscle Mechanic,LLC
What: Free Talk
When: Monday, August 5th from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.
Where: REI Store 303 Lafayette Street NYC

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Do pain and nagging injuries keep you from your favorite activities like golf, tennis and yoga? Do you feel crummy because you can’t exercise? Have you tried traditional healing methods but still have pain and dysfunction?

I will show you breakthrough techniques and simple exercises that will allow you to overcome pain and injury once and for all so you can enjoy the activities that you love.

In This Seminar You Will Learn:

· The four key body parts that must be synchronized for your body to function at peak, pain free         performance.

· The root cause of most joint and muscle pain and the breakthrough strategies to correct them.

· Simple exercises that anyone can use to improve balance, posture, coordination and concentration.

· Why traditional approaches to healing muscle and joint injuries often fail.

· How shoe inserts (orthotics), cell phones, jewelry and dental appliances like invisalign can all play havoc      on your system, shut muscles down and cause you pain.

Who should attend:
People who have – ‘tried everything’ – and still find that their body is breaking down, but still want to reclaim their true, active and athletic self. And anyone that wants to improve their body’s function and performance.

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*Please send this link to friends or family members who are suffering with chronic pain and injury.*