New York City Personal Training, Posturology & Muscle Activation Technique (M.A.T.) with Brant Amundson

Brant Amundson, owner of Muscle Mechanic LLC

Your body is only as strong as it’s weakest link. What’s holding you back in your quest for fitness and feeling good? Is it hip pain? Back pain? Maybe it’s plantar fascitis, a neck injury, or limited shoulder movement. Whatever weak links are hampering your health and fitness goals I can help.

At Muscle Mechanic, LLC, I use cutting edge fitness and healing modalities to get your body working right so you can move better and feel better fast. All of the modalities listed  are designed to improve communication between your muscles and your central nervous system. Remember the central nervous system is fast. So, by improving neuro-muscular communication we can quickly improve your body’s motor function.

Modalities Brant Works With as a Personal Trainer

What Clients Are Saying

“In his own words, using Posturology he is able to realign the skeleton so that the joints and muscles work efficiently, allowing you to move well and feel good; and using Muscle Activation he is able to reactivate muscles that have shut down and are therefore causing you pain and limited movement.In my words, he is the God of the human body. When I met Brant I was peg-legging my way through life; unable to bend my right knee at all, I climbed stairs like a Pirate with a wooden leg, and I was less than pleased about it. The stars aligned with Brant and I met him by accident (I actually thought I was attending a masterclass on the voice), and when I watched his presentation I was extremely skeptical. But he invited me up to do a demonstration, and after ten minutes I was doing deep knee bends like it was an Olympic sport.  His skills are undeniable, and his knowledge of the human body (and hunger for more knowledge) is impressive. Also, he makes a great therapist – he has the listening skills of a bartender, and great snippets of advice worthy of Freud himself. Brant truly cares about his patients, and he is someone you definitely want in your corner.  Dosage:  If money is no object, I imagine seeing him once a week would be ideal. I generally visit Brant once or twice a month.”
–Cecelia Ticktin, Theater Performer

“Brant’s skill and knowledge with MAT and Posturology go beyond any trainer I have ever worked with. He thinks things thru and gets to the root of the problem. His dedication and focus have helped me correct and clear old injuries and patterns that I have had for many years. He is one of a kind and I am truly grateful.”
–Paulette Pettorino, Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified Herbalist

“Brant has changed my health and my life in more ways than I can possibly account for here. In my early 30′s I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I was in constant pain in my knees and shoulders and was moving like a man twice my age. I started training with Brant after trying with several other trainers and I immediately saw improvement. My rheumatologist was literally astonished at the improvements we achieved in a year. Brant also helped me when I had surgery last year. Some major muscles in my back were cut through during the surgery. I was supposed to be out of work for six weeks but was able to return in four weeks. I credit Brant and MAT™ for my speedy recovery. He genuinely cares about his clients and takes the time to understand any health or personal issues that could be affecting the body. I never feel like he is watching the clock or not paying close attention to me when he is working. He cares not only about the work but about the person he is working with. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” –Jim H, New York, NY